Paroles Symptoms Of Insanity de Cream

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  • Artiste: Cream8553
  • Chanson: Symptoms Of Insanity
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Textes et Paroles de Symptoms Of Insanity


I'm comin' back again, and I'd rather be dead
My Momma was a junkie, I need a brand new head
The symptoms of insanity got me intertwined
Voices in my head playin' tricks on my mind
I got to get my head together, cuz it's fallin' to pieces
My mind has a migraine so I'm callin' Jesus
13 Ways to commit suicide, I'm doin'
Razor to my wrist, someone ask me what I'm doin
I wanna just die, I wanna just die, so please just cut my blood veins
Some may imply I'm insane, on my shirt is blood stains
The room is spinnin' and I'm grinnin', thinkin' evil thoughts
Nine dead bodies and I never got caught
A skitsofranitc, somebody panic, is it just mad at me?
Don't understand it G, I got the symptoms of insanity

The symptoms of insanity, I tried to get to therapy
Went all nuts, cuz nobody cares for me
Shoot 'em all up, shoot 'em all up, bang bang, buck buck
If I can't, just look in the head, I'm dead, I don't give a fuck
Who wanna know, who wanna know, where the bad guys go?
Nine been waitin' to kill, right between the eyes, bro
Kill the fetus, kill the momma, kill the daddy and the dog
Shoot 'em all up, shoot 'em all up, shoot 'em all up dead y'all
Boy, I kill ya bumper car, wicket and I'm deadly
So many times, I write my rhymes and mutha fuckas scared of me
Esham the black devil, unholy niggero
Symptoms of insanity, I'm quick to pull the trigger, hoe
Schizophrenic, somebody panic
Say it's just mad at me, don't understand it G
I got the symptoms of insanity

I'm comin' back with the wicket shit, but now I gotta fuck it
I cut my dog's head off and threw it in a bucket
The U-N-H-O-L-Y, cross my heart and hope to die
Flowin' like this is slittin' my wrists
I see the terror in your eyes
Back 'em all up, and buck 'em all down
Lettin 'em know I'm not fuckin' around
Standin' my ground and holdin' a frown
Holdin' my dick and holdin' it down
Walkin' the trail, bloody as well
Dead skin under my fingernails
Crucifix, triple six, Esham's mackin' the funky mix
Life after life, life after death
Tell me I'm under holdin' my breath
Symptoms of the insanity
Lost my brain, end humanity
Gimme your life, appetite, settin' the fire on Devil's Night
Bury me alive, bury me dead, voices are screamin' inside of my head
Losin' my mind, losin' my mind, losin' my mind, losin' my mind
I'm losin' my mind, I got the symptoms of insanity

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