Paroles It's Over de Creature

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  • Artiste: Creature32515
  • Chanson: It's Over
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Textes et Paroles de It's Over

Held my breath 'til the very end, oh I guess it's over
Help yourself, I'm your only friend, oh I guess it's over

Nothing can be saved in the end, it's too late
Nothing can be made, I guess it's over

Silent lies, subtle chains, oh I guess it's over
Long goodbye and the small remains, oh I guess it's over

Nothing can be saved in the end, it's too late
Nothing can be made, I guess it's over now

Hang the past, such a lovely shame, oh I guess it's over
Ring of glass and perfect stain, oh I guess it's over

I guess it's over now

Nothing can be made in the end, it's too late
Nothing can be saved, I guess it's over now...

Yeah, you got to me, you're in my skin
You seem to burn like a destiny
A great fire that yearns for a legacy
Embers and smoke deny the ash
I breathe, but choke on the cloud that covers our past

When will this thing be over?

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