Paroles With Bells On de Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart
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  • Artiste: Cross My Heart18403
  • Chanson: With Bells On
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Textes et Paroles de With Bells On

you're so eager to keep moving. never satisfied with distance and time. just don't drag me around with you. this is where i want to be right now. and we'll play these games with bells on. you can return me. i come with a receipt. exchange for a better boy. one that doesn't get annoyed. one that's all smiles. and is attached with strings. and we'll play these games with bells on. you're dragging me all around. you're dragging my arms around. you're dragging my legs around. and we start to change. cause nobody stays the same. and if we play these games we'll break. you're dragging me all around. you're dragging my arms around. you're dragging my head around. you're dragging my legs around. you're dragging my heart around. this is the last time

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