Paroles Don't Wanna Go de Crowned King

Crowned King
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  • Artiste: Crowned King18850
  • Chanson: Don't Wanna Go
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Wanna Go

Living day by day
Having all the answers
Loving every moment till its done
The gears they start to grind
You feel your organs twist inside
Uncertain of the many things to come
And I don't wanna come

It's my turn I'm on deck
The pressure makes me sick
The future throws so many curves
And I don't wanna go
Will I strike out and lose
Or make the headline news
The future throws so many curves
And I don't wanna go

Count down one by one
The days are getting shorter
The time will come for me to make my move
I'm so unprepared, I've gotta do something
I haven't got the strength in me to choose
And I don't wanna lose

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