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Crowned King
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  • Chanson: Each And Everyday
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Textes et Paroles de Each And Everyday

what's the point of this
i've got the graveyard shift
and it's my life and i'm suck of it
so i'm a pessimist, and i'm an analyst
i get hope but it falls with the crack of a wrist

maybe i was hungry for the fall
or maybe i was right and you were wrong
but i don't have the strength to find a way
to have you in my arms for say even an hour, or even a day
and yet still i fight to find a way
to fight this problem that hurts me each and everyday

everything is a little bit clearer now
and everything is a little bit harder now
yet i still try to change your mind
everything is a little bit clearer now
and everything is a little bit harder now
why can't i just say good-bye

so why all the pain why all the fuss
maybe it's because i lose all train of thought
everytime i think of us
and so i make my ways and waste my days in the search for something new
i'm a pessimist and an analyst and i don't know what to do

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