Paroles A Song About Death de Crowned King

Crowned King
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  • Artiste: Crowned King18850
  • Chanson: A Song About Death
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Textes et Paroles de A Song About Death

The lights are out, I scream within, my heartbeat starts to bend
I never dreamt that darkness would become my loyal friend
So help me to forget that I am running out of time
Cause I cannot endure the pain of leaving you behind

So Close my Eyes
And baby keep me rockin' I won't make a sound
So Close my Eyes
And blind me as I fall from you and hit the ground

The silence here is deafening it's beckoning for me
A thousand tiny voices whispering in harmony
It's killing me to realize that you'll be left alone
So shut these eyes and I won't have to see you let me go

And I never would have wanted you to know
Cause I can't bear to see you let me go

Close My Eyes

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