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Crowned King
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  • Chanson: Unload
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Textes et Paroles de Unload

Your tears, they fall on me now
And your fear is bottled by all the ammunition here
So shoot once if you think you need to strop me
I think I struck a nerve
Shoot once if I start to scare you, so stop me screaming

Cause something is wrong
And I don't belong here
It's taking to long
To unload the ammo

Your scared it's all around me
Short fused and angry from all the things you see and read
So fire once if you think I'll try to harm you
It's safer with me dead
So you use your right to bear arms
To hug your kids instead

So fall on me and follow me down
Will you stop shooting when our heads hit the ground

Something is wrong, and we don't belong here

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