Paroles Gardenia de Crystal Bernard

Crystal Bernard
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  • Artiste: Crystal Bernard22415
  • Chanson: Gardenia
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Textes et Paroles de Gardenia

A million dollar face
So ivory and fair
That launched a thousand ships
Danced with Fred Astaire
Lusted for her dreams
So passionate and wild
So talented it seemed
Everybody wants to be a Gardenia
So beautiful and delicate to touch
Something 'bout the way we loved Gardenia

As the years went by
Her beauty didn't fade
Movies didn't come
She felt so betrayed because
The more she had to give
The less they want to buy
I guess she outlived
Her moment in the sun to be Gardenia
So beautiful and delicate to touch
Something 'bout the way we loved Gardenia
Hadn't seen her for sometime
And I apologized
I said I'd give my youth to you
For the wisdom in your eyes
I wish I'd been there every day
To take good care of you
She said Baby, don't you cry
I knew you'd come in time to see Gardenia
And with her fragile hand she said good-bye
Something 'bout the way we loved Gardenia

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