Paroles Hey de Crystal Bernard

Crystal Bernard
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  • Artiste: Crystal Bernard22415
  • Chanson: Hey
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Textes et Paroles de Hey

I can't reach you in the distance
With such pollution in the air
It's getting harder by the moment
When I'm just talking to an empty chair

You should have heard what I just told you
I yelled and cried along the way
I can't go to bed this angry
So I'll just
Wait up long enough to say

Hey - you're a little late
And I'm a little tired
Of staring at the door
Hey - you'll just have to wait
Cause I don't want your lie
Inside me anymore

I guess she didn't keep your interest
I guess I'm sorry for her sake
Well the tables sure have turned now
And you are
Ready to communicate
I've been waiting for this moment
I've thought about it every day
Hours privetly rehearsing over and again
This is all I have to say

I know you had to find your way
I only wish you loved me just a little bit
You said you did
It isn't what you did to me
It's what you didn't say that was the worst of it
Now you see that you really wanted me

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