Paroles Eyes Of The Forrest Gloom de Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes
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  • Chanson: Eyes Of The Forrest Gloom
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Textes et Paroles de Eyes Of The Forrest Gloom

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl, Andreas Gotesson]

And so the story began with me falling
into a dream where the forest were calling
Closer and closer the twilight was dragging
me down to the unknown

so here I am all alone in the tree land
feeling the wind of my fate close at hand
Creatures of the night begins to take form
I'm surrounded now

I don't know how it all began
I can't remembere anything
Yesterday's forever gone
I am trapped in a place beyond time

And the moon is shining bright over the forest
And the creatures of the night won't let me rest
Beyond reality - for no one to see
Dark is the dream - no one hears my scream
I can't stand those staring eyes
Eyes of the forest gloom
Eyes of the forest gloom

Predator eyes that watch me intensely,
their gaze from the shadows are burning me slowly
Hunted I search for my way through the dreamscape
and it's feel so real

Will I survive? I have to wake up,
but deep inside I know that I'm trapped
Lost in a dream that's no longer a dream
My life is flashing by


Silver moonbeams light my way with their glow
Yet, gnarled trees rip my skin as I go
Deeper down into the ominous gloom
I'm afraid this path is leading to my doom

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl]

And so the story ends with me dying

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