Paroles Terminal Boredom de Cute Lepers

Cute Lepers
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  • Artiste: Cute Lepers36062
  • Chanson: Terminal Boredom
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Textes et Paroles de Terminal Boredom

Wanna be bright but I confess I never cared
Terminal boredom, terminal boredom
A pee-chee stained with drool is lying on the stairs
Terminal boredom, terminal boredom

Feet don't move any other way
Arms lie still, eyes begin to glaze
And just last night I heard my baby say
Terminal boredom, boredom

Tell me something dumb or something cute over the telephone
Terminal boredom, terminal boredom
I need to be distracted, I don't want to be alone
Terminal boredom, terminal boredom

Can't stay fixed, every single day
Boredom creeps, ain't even afraid
And I'm not sure that I care anyway
Terminal boredom, boredom

Aint nothing on the radio, no hope
But that stupid band called chemical
oh what a mope
Maybe I'm a dildo, don't wanna know
For never seeing past the patio
And is it even curable?

Beat the bastards, give 'em hell or better yet
Terminal boredom, terminal boredom
Do it in person not just on the t.v. set
Terminal boredom, terminal boredom
My hair's clean but goo is on my sheets
Terminal boredom, terminal boredom
An hour goes by and... uuuuuugggghhhhrrraaaiizgggg

Legs lie still, they don't even shake
What do I need to do to be awake
To be outdoors and chatting with the fakes
Terminal boredom, boredom

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