Paroles Smooth de D'Angelo

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  • Artiste: D'Angelo11641
  • Chanson: Smooth
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Textes et Paroles de Smooth

[1st VERSE]
How do you retain your cool,
Seems you love breaks all the rules,
You may think that I'm a pro,
But I can never seem to keep my control.
How can you stand to take things so slow.

Look at you, You're so smooth,
When I'm around you, I can't keep my cool

[REPEAT 1 time]

[2nd VERSE]
I'm so used to getting what I want
When I want it, and where I want it.
But in your field I'm inexperienced,
So inexperienced, Baby I'm delirious


Look at you, You're so smooth.
When I'm around you , I can't keep my cool

[REPEAT 2 times]

I can't keep my cool

sO JUST like you, I'll keep my cool
When you're around, I won't be the fool
You may think that I don't know
But all the things, I want are in my control
How can I stand to take so slow

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