Paroles I Got A Noose de D.O.A.

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  • Artiste: D.O.A.10633
  • Chanson: I Got A Noose
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Textes et Paroles de I Got A Noose

i got a noose around my neck it's gettin' tight as it can get the floor is dropping but i can't quit get this noose off my neck i'm not ready to die i got a noose around my neck i keep on running but i meet the dead and the dead, they are my friends get this noose off my neck it won't catch me this time yeah, i'm swinging now dangling above the ground my feet are six feet in the air and i'm losing breath swingin' 'round and 'round i know what i got to do get this noose off my neck the hangman's head is looking black my friend are dead, can't bring them back get this rope of my neck it won't catch me this time

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