Paroles Tone Deaf de D.R.I.

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  • Artiste: D.R.I.9109
  • Chanson: Tone Deaf
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Textes et Paroles de Tone Deaf

Tone deaf - I can't play an instrument
Tone deaf - I can't even sing
Tone deaf - I have to wear ear plugs

The noise makes my ears ring
They told me when I was eleven
"You shouldn't even bother to try
You've got no musical ability"
And they weren't telling a lie

Tone deaf - I've got no rhythm
Tone deaf - I've got no pitch
Tone deaf - I couldn't hit an octave

If it meant that I'd get rich
All I can do is shout
Louder and faster than most
That's what I do for a living
Traveling coast to coast

Tone deaf - I don't have good meter
Tone deaf - I can't sing tremolo
Tone deaf - I've got poor register

You won't hear me sing falsetto
No, I can't hit those high notes
And I can't go real low
All in all I'm tone deaf
And everyone tells me so

Tone deaf

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