Paroles Warts On Your Dick de D.V.D.A.

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  • Artiste: D.V.D.A.22503
  • Chanson: Warts On Your Dick
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Textes et Paroles de Warts On Your Dick

Your life is spinnin' out of control,
Seems the whole world is out to get you.
Everything is wrong. Nothin' seems right-eh.
There's a sinking feeling inside-eh.
Even your best friend has turned his beck.
But you can't let it bring you down,
No, you've got to fight-eh.

'Cause you try, but you can't let go...
It's when you're down that you gotta get up-uh!
Don't let 'em walk all over your face-uh!
Stand up for yourself and make everything right again!

Even if some guy's tryin' to blackmail you
And your girlfriend thinks you suck,
It's up to you to let them know
That it was all just part of some rich guy's evil plan.

Look out ahead, there's a truck changin' lanes,
You got some yellow crumbs on your upper lip.
And those warts on your dick aren't gonna go away
Unless you start using topical cream everyday.

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