Paroles Susie de Daddysmilk

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  • Artiste: Daddysmilk42521
  • Chanson: Susie
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Textes et Paroles de Susie

Tried to be just like rest of thegirls
but she hates normal life and she hates normal guys
falls into love and she falls out of luck
as she dreams of a world of
her own

Hey Susie go
You don't
need them anymore
Think of all
the dreams you
wanted to come

Against opposition
Shes packing her bags
as she kisses
her boyfriend
she's going away

proves to be hard
ascend to a star
in the meantime
shes working
the streets in the

Wants to break free from
the shackles the world
has to
offer a young girl alone by
got to get hurt to
remember the pain
so go on pretty
susie go on

Hey Susie don't
And wipe those sad tears
Hey Susie don't cry
hold on one more day

You can't
chase your dreams away
But can
you really turn them to

But can you really turn
them into life

(Thanks to Scary Kids Scaring Kids for these lyrics)

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