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Dag Nasty
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  • Artiste: Dag Nasty7963
  • Chanson: All Ages Show
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Textes et Paroles de All Ages Show

I understand you
you've got a problem
now understand me
it's your problem not mine
to find a reason, don't ask me
don't ask (anyone) for a reason to live your life
shake your head, left and right
like the old man who shows up here every night
what does he hear in this kind of music?
why don't you ask him?
find out what you need to know
all ages show
you haven't lived all there is to live
how old is old?
how old is old?
all ages show
I get the feeling that I've heard all this before
I spoke your words, I felt your feelings
but when I reached a dead end, I knew there was more
I guess I'm just too young to see it
but I've shorn* up some people
a little bit older
and they say the problems keep coming
but reasons to keep on trying keep growing
and they grow and they grow and they grow
all ages show

[* shorn = "slept with"]

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