Paroles Trouble Is de Dag Nasty

Dag Nasty
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  • Artiste: Dag Nasty7963
  • Chanson: Trouble Is
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Textes et Paroles de Trouble Is

be prepared
I know what's coming next
if she's entertaining doubts I guess that you know what is best
so I should
be prepared
to make due with what is left
and if I can't prepare myself at least I know what to expect
my mind's made up about her
I couldn't live without her
so many times
so many times
I should have thanked god that I have her
and when I'm back home
safe in her arms
don't knock on her door
don't pick up your phone
if she's entertaining doubts how do I explain
a grain of salt for her to take with the things that you say
despite the distance give me trust
and I will bring it home to you
give me till nothing's left but patience and I will bring it home to you
she only wants to spare you and I the time
we so faithfully invested
she throw it in our faces
you've been taken advantage of
is that all I'm capable of?
if it's just bitterness don't let it blind her

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