Paroles New Change Of Heart de Damone

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  • Artiste: Damone15764
  • Chanson: New Change Of Heart
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Textes et Paroles de New Change Of Heart

All the lost kisses
and runaway tears
can't fix what your
good mom and dad
have been saving in
pictures for all of these
years and its sad
everything fades to
black yea...

all your cellophane friends
play they're monologue games
and mock everything that i am
but i don't let it phase me
because they're all the same
don't be one of them
cuz the lights will go
down on your show
and as the seams roll by
theres something i wanted to say
to you...

when you live, live
with your soul
not with your time.
when you love, love
with your love not
with your mind
when you want to be
something the world
can't define
open up your eyes

accidents happen
and confidence fills
but thats not what im
trying to say
theres this look in your eyes thats been killing me here for days
so as the night drags on theres this i've been meaing to say to you

you can't fake it herex2
you can try all you want
but you'll break it here
you can laugh it off
tell your friends im soft
you can cry you can scream
but i'll brush it off
you're not listening x2
to anything im trying to say

(Thanks to Daniella for these lyrics)

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