Paroles Closer To You de Dan Bern

Dan Bern
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  • Artiste: Dan Bern22567
  • Chanson: Closer To You
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Textes et Paroles de Closer To You

Please give me notice
So I can buy a ticket for a train
A train I've been hearing
Over and over and again and again
Tonight it seems you're sleepy
So there ain't nothing else to do
'Cept drink and listen to Miles Davis
Down in the Bakerloo

Closer to you, closer to you

Baby let's stop for gas
You can be the leader of the pack
Spain can wait 'til tomorrow
Spain always has
Go ahead try to go further
I'll push your hands away
Don't be worried 'bout
Physically overpowering me today

Closer to you, closer to you

I seen what happens to the boys who love you
Gonna move carefully, real real carefully

I sign for my brothers
Now when I write my name
Shaquille O'Neal don't show up
Drunk for a Laker game
God is down in the mailroom
Sorting what gets sent above
They finally proved scientifically
All you need is love

Closer to you, closer to you

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