Paroles Live Another Day de Dan Bern

Dan Bern
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  • Artiste: Dan Bern22567
  • Chanson: Live Another Day
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Textes et Paroles de Live Another Day

Sometimes I walk and wish LA
Was some small town near Monteray

I close my eyes and ask the Gods
To make those Cadillacs dusty dogs
I close my eyes and live
I close my eyes and live another day

Sometimes I think I'll melt away
And in the sidewalk cracks I'll stay
And who will notice, who will call
Whose life would change much, if at all
I close my eyes and live
I close my eyes and live another day

Another day so far
From the farms where I grew up
Another day, another day
From that single pair of eyes
That speak to me of home
Not another night alone

Another day is done
I lay my eyes to rest
There is food, I got a bed
There's a roof over my head

Sometimes I think that everyone
Really speaks a foreign tongue
Like I say X and you hear Y
But I push these thoughts from my mind
And close my eyes and live
I close my eyes and live another day

I close my eyes and live
I close my eyes and live another day

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