Paroles Reach Haven Postcard de Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg
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  • Artiste: Dan Fogelberg22569
  • Chanson: Reach Haven Postcard
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Textes et Paroles de Reach Haven Postcard

The first breath of autumn
Blows through the trees
And the nights are getting long
And growing colder
And the maples are turning
And the fields have gone brown
And the waves against the shore
Make such a sad sound
Now there's a meal on the table
And a fire in the stove
And a candle burning brightly
By the stairway
And a lamp in the window
That shines out to sea
And I wish so much tonight
That you were here with me
Now the moon is in danger
Of running aground
As she sweeps the tattered clouds
Above the island
And the stars lay like diamonds
On the breast of the sea
And I wonder where you are
And if you're thinking of me

Now I've grown so accustomed
To having you near
And I miss you so madly
When you are not here
When I think how you love me
Oh, it brings me to tears

And wish so much tonight
That you were here with me
Oh, I wish so much tonight
That you were here with me
Well I dropped you a postcard
Today in the mail
With a picture of a sailing ship upon it
And I tried to say something
That was clever and clear
But the only thing I wrote was that
"I wish you were here"


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