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Dangerous Toys
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  • Artiste: Dangerous Toys22612
  • Chanson: Bones In The Gutter
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Textes et Paroles de Bones In The Gutter

There I was lookin' for something new
Man comes into my view
Tells me, "Hey kid yo wanna make ten bucks?"
Bud gave me dirty looks
"Hey man, tell me what I got to do"
Man tore the money right in half
Says then to kill the fatted calf
A rich fat lady with diamonds and rocks
I'm thinkin', "Man this sucks, need a cement mixer
I ain't writin' no epitaph"

Make-up to her chin
But don't ask me where the hell she's been

Broken bones in the gutter
But did I murder your mudder!
Sorry 'bout dem bones in the muddy gutter yeah

My bud Sal and me stole a crane
Then I stabbed the bitch in a vein
Yeah, she fell down on the big crane hook
I got this cool idea from a mystery book yeah
Fell down before she felt the pain
Put her in the mixer, aimed the chute
A few steps back, clean off my boot
Couple of days, walk down the street
There were bones no more meal
Broken bones in the gutter
Got the rest of my loot

Damn lady so big, eighteen wheeler, trailer woman
But she's gonna make me rich as hell with her

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