Paroles Mean Girls Give Pleasure de Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston
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  • Chanson: Mean Girls Give Pleasure
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Textes et Paroles de Mean Girls Give Pleasure

Every time I think
And I do get by

And I have all my friends
And I do get high

But every time, I can't deny

I'm already dead
and I already died

You think that it's soup
and that it's your friend

But it's already gone
and it's poop in the end

There is no where to go
and no way to win

Then you start to fantasize again

Mean Girls Give Pleasure

It's my greatest treasure

You can't really live
and you can't really sin

And all of your dreams
are probably pretend

And nothing makes sense
and it's over again

And you're already dead
and you're dying for sin

Too blind to see
and too weak to think

And the angel of death
is taking you for a walk

Nothing to say
but just small talk

And your head is in a block

Mean Girls Give Pleasure

It's my greatest treasure

You can't really love
and you can't really hate

And all of your problems
are probably fake

If she tastes just like
ice cream and cake

Then you know it's not too late

The more you live
and the less you know for

And love can wash up on the shore

And it dries your tears
after all these years

And being rich is better then being poor

Mean Girls Give Pleasure

It's my greatest treasure

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