Paroles Paradox de Daniele Liverani

Daniele Liverani
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  • Artiste: Daniele Liverani7165
  • Chanson: Paradox
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Textes et Paroles de Paradox

Can You Tell Me What's Going On ?
Help Me !
[Twin Spirit N. 32]
Please Don't Bother Me
'Cause I Was Born
A Few Minutes Before
You And I Really Don't Know
What's Going On
And Where We're Going
To Leave For
Hey ! But It's The Same !
Can You Hear That ?
[Twin Spirit N. 32] What ?
[Genius] The Same Incredible Experience I Had
It Is The Same...

[Genius & Twin Spirit N. 32] Sure !
[Genius] When Early Today Lying In Bed
I Felt That Crazy Sensation In Me !
[Twin Spirit N. 32] Boy ! I'm Going Mad
So Listen Please !
Yes... That's The Sequence That We Use To Knock
On The Gate That Led Us To Mc Chaos Kingdom
You Have Just Been Admitted Here
Through That Gate, So Please Don't Be Silly Now With Me !
[Genius] Wow ! What A Big Mess I Can't Explain
I Hope That This Will Be
Only A Funny Dream But If It's Not
I Want To Know !
Can You Please Tell Me More About This Crazy World !

[Twin Spirit N. 32] We're Twin Spirits Of The Humans That
Suddenly Started Sleeping
Mine Is A Boy Called Genius
I Hold The Key To His Dreams And Yours ?
What's Your Human's Name ?
[Genius &Twin Spirit N. 32] Mc Chaos Kingdom ?
What The Hell Is That !
Mc Chaos Kingdom ?
What The Hell is That !
[Genius] I Didn't Knock On That Kingdom's Gate
I Am Genius !
[Genius & Twin Spirit N. 32] What A Dangerous

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