Paroles Cafe Surreal de Danny!

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  • Chanson: Cafe Surreal
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Textes et Paroles de Cafe Surreal

[Verse 1]
Yo, D. Swain is back on the block
He went from laughingstock
To rappin' in happening spots
And nappin' on yachts
Don't get your head wrap in a knot
You gotta unwind
Gotta remind yourself that stress is all in your mind
Speaking of your mind, there's a little place that we all can go
Let me take you to this spot that you never saw before
Close your eyes, and uh
Count to five, and uh
Meet me on the corner of Dream Street and Freedom Drive
This be the venue where anything goes
We staying overnight my nig, did you bring any clothes?
Let's roll

...this cup of cappaccino
Ain't hot enough for me, yo
It's much too, much too cold
Lemme get some creamer in here
Lemme get some stirrers, some syrup
Lemme get my dreamers in here
Now now now, our destination
Is your imagination
Accept this invitation
To Cafe Sur-re-al
Lemme get my dreamers in here
Lemme get some... (*beatboxing*)

[Verse 2]
This is a dream, right?
That's what you thinkin', right?
Stop all that thinkin'
You thinkin' too much for me tonight
Just let your mind roam free, grab a seat by the front
I'll go grab us some coffee, how many creamers do you want?


[Verse 3]
Surrealism got you feeling imprisoned? Don't let it
Just chill and listen to the intricate sounds
Of Mr. Renowned, I'm renowned around the globe
And I'm inviting you to pack your favorite gown or robe
Or whatever you're sleeping in, just keep it thin, pack light
Don't act like, you don't remember what happened last night
You're now tuned to my nocturnal fantasy
Never mind that melting clock, disregard that dancing tree
Can it be? Danny l-l-losing his marbles?
Imagination, I've got a jarful
Carpool if you need a ride, your unconscious is your guide
You can hang your coat by the door, but leave your cares outside
Where's all my fellow free-spirited, open-minded free thinkers?
Free drinks're on me; go grab a latte
But not a lot, hey
'Cause I may need some
Open mic for dreamers, won't you please come?

[Outro: Danny! talking]
Yes, welcome to Cafe Surreal
Also known as Cafe Sur-re-al
Where the cappaccino is always hot
I'm so glad you could make it
I got a table waitin' for you right up front, man
Leave that cold coffee outside, you don't want that
I'll get you a fresh cup...there you go
Oh yeah...this ain't no Starbucks though
You know, find one on every corner
Nah, the only corner you gon' find this coffeehouse of dreams at
Is in the depths of your mind
C'mon and dream with me, c'mon
C'mon and dream with me, yo
C'mon, c'mon and dream with me

("It ain't nothin' wrong with having a cup of coffee, baby!")

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