Paroles F.O.O.D. de Danny!

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  • Artiste: Danny!10257
  • Chanson: F.O.O.D.
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Textes et Paroles de F.O.O.D.

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I get to wonderin', brainstormin' and thunder
And lightning and rain, inside of the mind of D. Swain
Inside of the mind of a changed man
A little deranged at times, but otherwise a sane man
Dang man, I've been on the path to success
For so long, I feel like I'm the last to be next
But hold on, I see a signpost ahead
That says 'turn around', I can't leave my hopes for dead
I'm too throwed in the game to just throw it away
If I quit now, my dreams'll go tip-toeing away
I've gotta find my destination sooner or later
A true innovator is what I wanna be known as
But to get to the top, it's gonna take my own ass
To blow past these low-class jealous mome raths, yeah
And say everything that I have to say
I'm trying to find my destination, better grab ya plates
This is the F.O.O.D.

[Chorus: scratches by Danny]
[Common:] "It's's the food, baby"
[Nas:] "Get yours...get yours..."
[Mos Def:] "You know know know the"
[Jay-Z:] "...but I scrape the plate...the plate...the plate"
[Common:] "It's's the food, baby"
[Nas:] "Get yours...get yours..."
[Mos Def:] "You know know know the"
[Nas:] "Get yours...get yours..."

[Verse 2:]
Regrets cloudin' my future, hit rewind
Like layin' in a bed of cow manure, I got shit on my mind
Grittin' and grindin' for my moment in the sun
But my hopes are stunted; how am I supposed to get it done?
Whoever said that strugglin' was easy
Probably never had the luxury of hustlin' or being chased
I swear to God they tryin' to change my fate
An appetite for success so I scrape the plate
I grab a bite, so I guess I gotta wait for the date
That I get to where I need to be
Compare the recent me, to the me of times past
I could've easily sold my soul to the wine glass
And even though I might crash, I'm still drivin' down this bright path
Thoughts leaking from my pen, hope I write fast enough
To be an outcast is tough
I'm flyin' solo with a bag full of stuff
Nigga that's what's up


[Verse 3:]
Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less travelled
I'm patient so that's one less hassle
If I dream it, I can live it
I've seen the light with vivid imagery
I need to write with fits of energy
But it's hard tryin' to get where I'm goin'
Without a hint or an omen
It's too late to turn around
Perseverance, gotta learn it now
But I'm stubborn how
Am I supposed to survive this rollercoaster hurtlin' to the ground?
I've heard the sound of naysayers
Yes-men, and all of the rest tend to follow 'em
I could get hurt by all the jokes and stares
Smoke and mirrors, I'm chokin' but I'm almost there
Almost clear, the reason why I've suffered for years
I'm glad I started down this road to my own career
I'm never full from all the F.O.O.D. I ate
I'm on the road to be a true rhyme great
This is the muthafuckin' F.O.O.D.


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