Paroles Fa Fa Fa de Danny!

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  • Artiste: Danny!10257
  • Chanson: Fa Fa Fa
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Textes et Paroles de Fa Fa Fa

Cravin' to bone later with Raven Symone naked
Made a clone paid him to spray the cologne fragrance
He never came through, useless help
If you want something done you gotta do it yourself
Open up open up and let the funk flow in
Smoke enough coconut to make you punch Joe Flynn
From "McHale's Navy" does he ring any bells maybe
Been dead for thirty years I bet he smells crazy
Too bad I pissed away the money Dave Chappelle paid me
My doctor bills are through the roof I'm getting' pale daily
I pop some pills to end it all like 10 or 12 baby
E-mailed my lady let her know I got to hell safely
Wait, I think there's been a mistake
Somebody must have went and spiked the kids Dominican cake
So box up all of my cinnamon and send em to Kate
You got a problem you can vent at my wake
They say the good die young
I guess these grimey niggas live a long time
But me and grimey niggas get along fine
Man we all tryna come up, sundown to sunup
Run round in dump trucks and gun down you dumb fucks
Ugh... Gee that hook was horrid
I think I'll see if momma bear can re-cook the porridge
She'd rather meet me at the cars buy for toppers
So I can help her understand the fa fa synopsis

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