Paroles Tattered Fedora Flow de Danny!

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  • Artiste: Danny!10257
  • Chanson: Tattered Fedora Flow
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Textes et Paroles de Tattered Fedora Flow

[Verse 1:]
Hello! This is my tattered fedora flow
What's the matter? You mad at your horoscope?
Nigga switch your sound and quit your whining
Matter fact switch your whole feathered persona
Fubu is for boobs switch to dolce and gabana
Three cheers for perseverance
Plan B for my career? Havin verse of the year clearance
Tight shit, write shit well and get tracks bought
Strike rich type hits, sell em to Black Thought
And make a killing a million or more
Stealing your ceilings and floors
Chillin with?
They like to role play and dress as new cops
Gotta go coolio we is getting too hot
If they had twins she prolly have two pots
I gay bash men you like to grab dudes cocks
Nah I'm only kidding just me old me
An equal opportunity bigot, EOB

[Verse 2:]
Piece to section eight keep the riff raff pissed
Piece to Megan bass with them big ass tits
That keep me warm at night your more than tight
You're the amplifier jacks in my cordless mic
Splish splash I was taking a bath
Made it a habit to snap emcees and break em in half
Don't know what happened to the patience I had
He's just a faker and a snake in the grass real talk homie
If I'm a liar than Pinocchio isn't
You mad this album's full of fire and colloquialisms
Rented out the chapel for my bachelor party and sent the choir to a Tokyo prison
I'm so cruel

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