Paroles Pain In The World de Danzig

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  • Artiste: Danzig5217
  • Chanson: Pain In The World
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Textes et Paroles de Pain In The World

[Lyrics: Glenn Danzig]

Heart full of hell
Room to burn
Heart full of something
Dreadful to know
Fair in the mirror
Hard on the soul
They should have known it
From birth
Had come to this world

Pain has come to the world
Pain in the world

Heart full of sin
Breeds so slow
Should have killed it from birth
This treacherous son
Angel of wisdom
See how it's grown
Agony's bastard of lies
Coming down upon

Pain has come to the world
Pain in the world

Heart full of hell
Indifferent and cold
Heart full of misery's seed
You should have learned
Hate is your mirror
Like it or don't
Angel of suffering smiles
Coming down from above

Pain has come to this world
Dying, yea
Pain in this world

Dying, yea

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