Paroles As I Lay Dying de Dappled Cities Fly

Dappled Cities Fly
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  • Artiste: Dappled Cities Fly22658
  • Chanson: As I Lay Dying
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Textes et Paroles de As I Lay Dying

A thought dropped into my head As I lay dying This thought could have gone but here instead Given my attention to detail and see how thoughts rest and how they turn Grow and turn again into planted seeds of memories levelling and lost Lost so they grow Here comes the sun here it comes it won't wait for everyone Taken a chance if no pace for a while It came from the crust It came at a pace How like us to hesitate Settled in a natural riot upon lines of the family tree So close to touch so bury me before all my leaves have fallen So I cannot say that I've over stepped the line All my leaves were falling As I lay dying All my leaves were falling As I lay dyingAll my leaves were falling fallingAs I lay dyingGive us the man Who wrote the words 'we're all made like machines' And I'll show him the seed Plough him the seed Plant it in deep we're not made like machines

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