Paroles Kid de Dappled Cities Fly

Dappled Cities Fly
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  • Artiste: Dappled Cities Fly22658
  • Chanson: Kid
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Textes et Paroles de Kid

Where's the kid who climbed this greater heightWho gave the older and wiiser a wink of the eyeThen a graceful departureWho's amibition sold our best foot forward and backWith a cadid and smiling attackAnd a brain full of wonderAll the celebration, the cathedral and choir and machineAre a blanket wrapped up in a kidWith a mouth full of praisesSo long, may your lemmings tumble downAnd bury deep your sill little townBabe brought up the belly of the whaleSo you know that we're the kids who made up A divided supply of the land and a culture that waved the hand of a generationYou can grow against our side of salivaSo long, may your lemmings tumble downAnd bury deep your sill little townBabe brought up the belly of the whaleAnd the kid saidSo long, it's complicated but this engine hummed alongTo the groan of how man made it so resistibly slow, and so longIt's complicated but babe delivered us the belly of the whale

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