Paroles As The World Keels Over de Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress
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  • Artiste: Dark Fortress9346
  • Chanson: As The World Keels Over
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Textes et Paroles de As The World Keels Over

Dispel the dream of soul
The swarm must have taken you

Look around you
The aeons are caving in

Ghosts of longing fade
The emptiness draws crimson dew

Abandoned lie the heavens
The aeons are caving in

What happened?
Deserted flesh, in havoc draped
Pantheons clotted rusty residue

Man falls as the world keels over
Sprayed into a sanguinary fog
Count your blessings
Time has crumbled
The seams are caving in

All is silent
The razor's medium
Behold surprisingly complete overcoming

Only putrefaction
Remains to tell the tale
Of how the death never rose from their graves

When, like choking flesh
Embalmed by the reek of odium
The last mouths have stopped flapping
Then we must be through

Man falls as the world keels over
Sprayed into a sanguinary fog

Count your blessings
Time has crumbled
The aeons are caving in

A ceremony of subsiding penitence
A silent epitaph for a fevered vacuum

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