Paroles Immortality Profound - Captured In Eternity's Eyes (Chapter 3) de Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress
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  • Artiste: Dark Fortress9346
  • Chanson: Immortality Profound - Captured In Eternity's Eyes (Chapter 3)
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Textes et Paroles de Immortality Profound - Captured In Eternity's Eyes (Chapter 3)

In a land of never resting shadows, where
I have found the essence of profound immortality.
In the land of Mordor I shall wander eternally, awaiting my sunless dawn
to fall into the funeral
embrace, where I shall dwell in silence.
Wistful I cry for the end
Minas Morgul - Once my empire,
Now withering in a spectral morning veil;
Who can deliver me from this unbearable destiny?

"Ash Nazg Durbatuluk, Ash Nazg Gimpatul, Ash Nazg Thrakatuluk, Agh Burzum - Ishi Krimpatul"

A sunbeam ends my journey, dawn breaks in the east -
Soon I will return into these dungeons with the night shadows by my side...

A tale that never ends!

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