Paroles Misanthropic Invocation de Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress
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  • Artiste: Dark Fortress9346
  • Chanson: Misanthropic Invocation
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Textes et Paroles de Misanthropic Invocation

Forgotten, the poisoned words of love
Tempted by the chalice of dissolution
Invoking the spirits of unholy origin
A flow of orgasmic fire dwells within me
Chaos is my prophecy

Never to be lost again in this
soul-consuming dimensions
Venomous emotions of love faded away
The enigma of death I've solved
For my salvation is your damnation

Can you see my shadow in the flickering
A shadow that offers you insight into
Uziel's visions
Can you feel the presence of woeful souls
in this moonlight night?
Somnambulists amongst a deceptive race

I've seen the truth
Desecration was the key that opened my eyes
I am your inner tyrant
Endless scorn is my revenge
Chaos, my prophecy - Asphyx is thy forseen fall
Asphyx is me

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