Paroles The Silver Gate de Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress
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  • Artiste: Dark Fortress9346
  • Chanson: The Silver Gate
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Textes et Paroles de The Silver Gate

[Music: V Santura, Lyrics: Morean]

Awake, angels of lunacy,
Arise, avatars of chaos,
Incinerate yourselves,
In the blaze of Babylon,
Hierophants of the Hurricane,
We invoke the Eidolon.

Unleash the storm...

We renounce the sin,
Of mortal fallacy,
Bestow upon us,
Our stellar legacy.

Peel the benighted shells,
From our radiant cores,
We obey the laws,
Of finitude no more.

In Akasha to Procreate.
Strip the flesh from your soul,
Open the Silver Gate...
Melt yourself beyond all control.

Give birth to the vision,
Let enter the voice,
And dare not falter,
Lest the demons eat you.
Confide in your Nuit,
Never your senses.

Nine apparitions,
The nails of Yod,
Drip from the moon
As unhallowed blood,
Anubis' terror to feed you,
As the night condenses.

In Akasha to Procreate.
Strip the flesh from your soul,
Open the Silver Gate...
Melt yourself beyond all control.

In poisoned aberration,
Tarnished minion abide,
Convocating execrations,
To drown and smother, to divide.

Recline, Rejoice,
Discard the body,
And savour this, your threnody,
Divine by lust alone,
And second skin,
As the eyes turn to stone,
Let the heave begin!

Rejoin your kin in faith and fate!

Heed not the warnings,
We invoke the manyfold
For we know,
There is no peace at the gate,
There is no peace at the gate...

In Akasha to procreate,
Strip the flesh from your soul,
Extend, open the Silver Gate,
Melt yourself beyond all control,
In Akasha to procreate,
Disembodied, unfettered souls,
Open the Silver Gate,
We embrace the stars
With twin black holes

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