Paroles Cantaloupes de Darkbuster

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  • Artiste: Darkbuster18834
  • Chanson: Cantaloupes
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Cantaloupes

Dicky! Dicky!
Beard! Beard!
Dicky, Dicky, Beard, Beard
Oh No No!
Dicky! Dicky!
Beard! Beard!
ah ah ah Dicky, Dicky Beard, Beard

Johnny woke up this morning
He felt kind of weird
(Felt kind of weird)
His nuts swelled overnight
(Swelled over night)
He went to scratch his dicky beard
(His dicky beard)
And he had balls the size of cantaloupes

'Loupes, he's got 'loupes
He's got balls the size of cantaloupes
'Loupes, he's got 'loupes
Oh he's got balls the size of cantaloupes
Balls the size of cantaloupes

Oh he's got nuts.

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