Paroles Not Guilty de Darkbuster

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  • Artiste: Darkbuster18834
  • Chanson: Not Guilty
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Textes et Paroles de Not Guilty

I went to court today
They took my license away for operating OUI
I saw the magisrate, He said kid get it straight
You just cant drink and drive

I took my old Ford van
Full of empty beer cans, Drove up Route 106
I passed a police man, He pulled me over
And then said "Recite Your Alphabet"
And then I stopped at U
I didnt quite know what I'd do
I guess I failed the mans sobriety test

But Im Not Guilty
Your Guilty
Well Im Not Guilty
Your Guilty

I had to wait in jail, Till my mom could get me bail
I got a lawyer too, He said I might be in luck
For 75 hundred bucks, To see what he could do

But Im Not Guilty
Your Guilty
Well Im Not Guilty
Your Guilty

But Im Not Guilty
Your Guilty
No Im Not Guilty
Your Guilty
Im Not Guilty
So Please Wont You Give Me My License Back

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