Paroles X de Darwin

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  • Artiste: Darwin32887
  • Chanson: X
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Textes et Paroles de X

A shiver, a movement, a heartbeat.
Just one moment separates.
Just one moment confronted.

If I'll open my eyes, wil the world still be there?
If I'll try to hide, will there be someone who cares?

To drown me in this pool of perfection makes me willingly excepting a heart of salt.

I wish I'll never wake up.

My golden pear, disappearing steps, the stains of salt, a dying sun.

I wish I'd never woke up.

The smell of sea replaced by a clinic stench.
Cold white walls surround me.
Four white walls surround me.

The dream is over, left an empty room, nothing changed, I'm on my own

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