Paroles Alligator Pie (Cockadile) de Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
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  • Chanson: Alligator Pie (Cockadile)
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Textes et Paroles de Alligator Pie (Cockadile)

Floatin' in the lower nine
Waitin' for a boat to throw me a line
See my Stella smile
Sittin' on a roof eatin' alligator pie
First day the water rise
Second day the sun is high
Third day Stella cries
'Cause night time's dark as a dead man's eyes

Tell me when help is gonna come
Stella said Daddy when you gonna put me in a song

Storm went right on by
Thanked the Lord everybody's alright
Don't mean to throw off a second line
But the devil broke the levee and left us here to die

Stella said Daddy when you gonna put me in a song

All the things we know and
Everything we hope for
All the things we wanted
Everything that was sure
Now there is a scar where
The old men used to be
The corner store and market
Where Stella used to sing to me
Grace is all I'm asking
When will Grace return
Grace is all I'm asking

Remember how it feels
Lazy days in the summertime
Then my Stella smiled
Stella said Daddy when you gonna put me in a song

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