Paroles Raven de Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
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  • Chanson: Raven
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Textes et Paroles de Raven

What you got what you got in your hand?
a father said to son
I got the whole world here Daddy
between my fingers and my thumb
Well you take care of it please-- its the only one
Well it would take me a life time old man
to undo what you've done

Oh come on now boy think-- what would Jesus do?
He shake his head like an angry mother
Smoke the boy and say I did what I could do
But you take care of it please
It's the only one you got
And it'd take ten lifetimes boy to undo what I've done

Boy shrugged walked away
The man stood and watched as he was leaving
Boy shrugged walked away
The man stood alone thinking
One hand is bleeding
and the other holds a gun

While everything is open
Everything is shut down,down, down
Begin to ending is really
Just a go round, and round, and round
As I stand here-- the ground beneath is nothing
more than one point of view

What you got what you got in your hand?
Your secrets safe with me
Well I found the truth friend
Let me whisper in your ear
Take good care of it please
Its the only one there is
Can I twist it please can I give it just a little twist?

One hand is open and the other hands holds the gun
Everything is open
Now everything coming down, down, down
No one is hoping,even if you know
You never know it all
Nothing more than my point of view
Boy shrugged walked away
The man stood and watched as he was leaving
The man stood there twisting

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