Paroles It's Allright de David Guetta

David Guetta
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  • Chanson: It's Allright
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Textes et Paroles de It's Allright

From Brooklyn to LA
From Japan and even you Paris
you can have it and you can do what you want to do
it's alright, yes it's alright
it's alright and it's ok
'cause trouble don't last always
you know, sometimes you go through such trouble
you think that nobody nobody cares
it's gonna be alright and it's gonna be ok honey
because the universe, yes, well, let's go do what too much
you know that you can feel good about yourself
'cause nobody else is gonna do it for you
so you got to make up in your mind that you are gonna get there
and do what you got to do
make, what you want to happen, happen
and that's all I'm saying
there is a winner in you
there is a greatness in you
there is somebody in you
that wants to come out and let you know that you are somebody
you know what?
you are gonna go higher
and you are gonna go higher
and you are gonna go higher
and it's alright you know
there is somebody in you
that wants to come out and let you know that you are somebody
no man can take it away from you because
that's your gift that was given from god
so you know what? It's gonna be OK
because you know what?
Let that last tear fall because it's gonna be alright
you don't have to worry about them
you don't even think about them
no negativity, all positive

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