Paroles Best Democracy Money Can Buy de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Best Democracy Money Can Buy
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Textes et Paroles de Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Can't stand the news, it's always the same old songAnother corporate scandal, another story of bad gone wrong,Another corporate bailout, another piece of the pie;It's the best democracy money can buyThey rigged the elections and only millionaires can playAnd you've got to be cynical, you've got to look into the camera and say,"I'm serving the public," when you know it's a corporate lie,But it's the best democracy money can buyYeah there they go, fighting for oil'Cause there the profits lie: beneath that foreign soilAnd they don't know what they'll do when the wells run dry,But it's the best democracy money can buyThey're filling the prisons, their latest industry,Which lines their pockets and helps us all be free'Cause you gotta do something with the unemployed if they won't move to ShanghaiAnd it's the best democracy money can buyThey're patenting life, selling our genes,They would patent oxygen if they had the meansThey'll patent their drugs, and some will get you highAnd it's the best democracy money can buyBut we've got two parties, maybe someday we'll have threeMaybe Tweedledumber, Tweedledum and TweedledeeBut one thing's fairly certain: it won't be you or I'Cause it's the best democracy money can buyAnd when it's finished and they've finally achievedThe most corporate dollar-ocracy that could ever be believedThe Martians will come to visit our graves, and when they go back to the skyThey'll say it was the best democracy money could buy

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