Paroles Evening News de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Chanson: Evening News
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Textes et Paroles de Evening News

The cities are full of criminalsAll of them are blackThey'll shoot you for your shoesOr to get a little crackBut the police are protecting usLocking up these thugsMaking us all saferBy being tough on drugsThere was a truck bomb in BaghdadBlew up the UNThese fanatics do not have a careFor innocent women and menThey don't like civilizationsIt's just destruction that they craveThere is no rhyme or reasonFor the way that they behaveIt's hard to believeBut I know it's trueI saw it on the evening newsThere's a war on in ColombiaAnd it's all about cocaineAnd the FARC is running drugsFrom Mexico to MaineIt's an ugly situationBut soon it will be whippedWe just need to send alongMore helicopter gunshipsIt's hard to believeBut I know it's trueI saw it on the evening newsThere was a bomber in JerusalemBlew himself up on a busHe was a funny-looking MuslimNot like one of usHe didn't like the JewsAnd he says that God is greatI don't know what his problem isHe's just so full of hateIt's hard to believeBut I know it's trueI saw it on the evening newsEvil men are plottingTo blow up Washington, DC'Cause they don't like freedomAnd democracyThey're fans of the Dark AgesThey are all aroundThey're marching from the desert sandAnd coming to your townIt's hard to believeBut I know it's trueI saw it on the evening newsIt's hard to believeBut I know it's trueI saw it on the evening news

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