Paroles Glory and Fame de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Glory and Fame
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Textes et Paroles de Glory and Fame

I pulled the stones for the emperor, Stacked 'em up and made that wallI thought, a mountain lasts forever But the rain must always fallI worked the mines in Chile For conquistadorDied there in the pitshaft, Joined my family with the oreI tapped the trees for Leopold, And then he took my handsThe sap sailed to Brussels And my blood stained the landsI cut down the sugar cane On the islands off the coastOh but the sweet taste of freedom Is the stuff I love the mostTell me who am IDo you know my nameWill I lie forgotten Or arise in glory and fameI fought with Poncho Villa, Stood with him side by sideWhen the Bluecoats took the land, I thought how long is freedom's rideI was there at Haymarket With the martyrs eightFor striking in Chicago, Death would have to be my fateI cut the timber in Centralia, Nearly broke my backTried to organize a union And they tied me to the tracksI fought in Barcelona, Kept the fascists there at bayThen when Hitler's tanks came rolling in, I knew we couldn't stayTell me who am IDo you know my nameWill I lie forgotten Or arise in glory and fameI mined the ore in Arizona, Last of the NavajoGot the radium a-glowin' Then it was time for me to goI marched in South Africa, Found myself in SharpevilleOnce the police came and went I was lying oh so stillI campaigned for Allende For a nation without fearDidn't look behind me For the day I'd disappearI spoke at Tienanmen To revive the revolutionDidn't think for Deng Xiaoping, Rolling tanks were his solutionTell me who am IDo you know my nameWill I lie forgotten Or arise in glory and fameI grew the mangoes in Somalia For the people in the westAnd when the price for fruit went down, I went down starving with the restI worked the plant in Bangkok, Breathed the dusty airWhen the cotton started burning, I knew my life would not be sparedThe cops beat me in Los Angeles But I would not be scaredWhen they sent the Army in, I thought next time we'll be preparedYes I've been yearning for a new day, All the world wideSomeday my time will come And you will have to step asideTell me who am IDo you know my nameWill I lie forgotten Or arise in glory and fame

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