Paroles Good Kurds, Bad Kurds de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Good Kurds, Bad Kurds
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Textes et Paroles de Good Kurds, Bad Kurds

Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurdish peopleKilled thousands in a single dayAnd twelve long years laterUncle Sam said, "You can't treat your Kurds that wayAnd furthermore all Kurds are freedom fightersWho'd resist this Iraqi tyranny"So Uncle Sam will give them guns and maybe sometimes ammunitionSo the brave Kurds can fight until they're freeMeanwhile in southeastern TurkeyThe Turkish Army had a unique planWe'll go burn down three thousand villagesGet rid of what they call KurdistanWell some of these pesky Kurds decidedThat they would rather fight instead of dieSo Uncle Sam said, "You are terroristsBecause Turkey is our ally"Yes, geopolitics is confusingIn fact, it can be quite absurdEspecially if you value your freedom,You live in Turkey and you are a KurdYes, when Iraqi Kurds are massacredWe say this is genocideOkay, we armed the Army through the eightiesBut now we proudly take the Kurdish sideBut in Turkey it's an internal matterAnd for us to get involved would be wrongSo we'll sell some tanks and 'copters to AnkaraAnd hope these poor folks can get alongYes, geopolitics is confusingAnd you can't take the Yankees at their wordAt least that's distinctly how it looksIf you live in Turkey and you are a KurdYes, when they talk about American interestsAnd it somehow seems that they're not yoursGoing all over the worldBombing countries and starting up warsYou'd better leave it to the expertsGo on back to your Playstations'Cause our foreign policy only makes senseTo CEO's of multinational corporationsYes, geopolitics is confusingAnd if you feel like you're not being heardJust imagine how much worse it could beIf you lived in Turkey and you were a Kurd

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