Paroles I Have Seen the Enemy de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: I Have Seen the Enemy
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Textes et Paroles de I Have Seen the Enemy

He has no feelings for the deadHe's just calling out for moreExxonMobil likes itSo he's happy to make warHe'll send your child to dieSomewhere far across the seaBombing Afghan villagesIn the name of libertyHe says you're with us or against usAnd he is keeping scoreHis agents are all overThey might be breaking down your doorHe lives for deathHe is the evil axisAnd I am sick of theoryLet's talk about praxisI have seen the enemy,He's right there in the spotlightsAnd if this song were a rifleI would have him in my sightsHe's found his raison d'etreHe is the global copWith peace he'd lose his purposeSo the fight will never stopHe'll always find the villainThat's the nature of the gameHe'll always be at warIn fact, it's his middle nameHe's got a master planIt's called global dominationA new world under GodAnd one massive corporationHe says he's fighting for our safetyHe's an expert at disguisesBut security for himIs when the Dow Jones risesI have seen the enemy,He's right there in the spotlightsAnd if this song were a rifleI would have him in my sightsAnd let me tell you somethingWith each ball that he's cuingThis old friend of bin LadenKnows exactly what he's doingIt's a family traditionTo win at any costNever mind the liesOr all the lives that must be lostAnd let me tell you something elseThis song is not a gunAnd it will cause harm to no oneWhen all is said and done'Cause it's just words, and we need actionSo let me clearly stateThis is the time to change the worldBecause soon enough may be too lateI have seen the enemy,He's right there in the spotlightsAnd if this song were a rifleI would have him in my sights

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