Paroles International Terrorists de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Chanson: International Terrorists
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Textes et Paroles de International Terrorists

International terrorists are schemingThey want to bring the planet to its kneesThey're hiding in their bunkers and they're plottingWith bombs and guns and biological diseaseAny means to reach their ends it worth pursuingIf their lives are lost then that's the way it goesIt's the game of world dominationThe stakes are high as everybody knowsInternational terrorists are flying in their jetsLooking for the city they want to hit todayFor all of the injustice in the worldThey are going to make somebody payThey'll make sure their people will support themThrough the use of their powerful cartelIf you are to prosper this is their decisionWhether you will starve or else live wellAnd the international terrorists are busyTrying to win your heart and mindThey're making news and writing press releasesSo that you can have your thoughts definedAnd they say that they're the voice of reasonAnd they want to keep the world freeAnd they will vilify, disappear and tortureAnyone who would dare disagreeInternational terrorists are manyEvery color, size and shape and heightSome are only small and local bulliesContent to bomb a building in the nightWhile some are in each pocket of the worldLooking for a nation to attackThey're training in their bases somewhere near youAnd they're flying in the skies above IraqThe IMF is the name of their cartelAnd CNN's their propaganda armAnd if they don't brainwash and starve you into lineThey'll make damn sure all your people come to harmThey'll decimate and carpet-bomb your countryWith a million mercenaries and machinesStriking fear into the people of the worldThe US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

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