Paroles Minnesota Gezstapo de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Minnesota Gezstapo
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Textes et Paroles de Minnesota Gezstapo

The gestapo's on the march in MinnesotaTo make the world safe for MonsantoGoose-stepping down the streets of MinneapolisSpreading fear and terror as they goBreaking into homes on false pretensesTearing up whatever's in their wayMaking threats, swinging clubs and spraying tear gasRepeating what their corporate masters sayAnd the gestapo's on the march in PortlandTo make the city safe for Nike TownIf you're not wearing the right clothingThe gestapo will pick you out and take you downWith barricades around the city centerEyes peeled through the cold and dampThey say they're watching for those anarchists from EugeneSo they turn the city to an armored campThe gestapo's on the march in New York CityAnd Wall Street's packed with hordes of men in blueThree thousand miles from SeattleBut that's just where the gestapo takes its cueFrom D.C. to Philly to Los AngelesThe gestapo is following their lineIt's a military tactic known as blitzkriegWell-known from the Hudson to the RhineSome battles will be won and some we'll loseBut all around the globe it's the same fightFrom the farmers of Kerala to the landless in BrazilTo the elves pulling crops up in the nightYes if we will stay and stand togetherAs our numbers grow in every little townThe machine needs the people to keep runningAnd it's we the people who can shut it down

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