Paroles One Night in Greece de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: One Night in Greece
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Textes et Paroles de One Night in Greece

I'll tell you a story, I swear it's trueIt was a sunny afternoonSeptember 10th, 2001We were minding our business, having funHanging out on the coast of GreeceA long way from the belly of the beastWe were drinking and talking and things were goodLiving it up as best we couldThen a yacht so big it blocked the skyEntered the view of our collective eyeIt was ostentatious beyond descriptionIt made old Greek ladies have conniptionsAnd as this bloated behemoth trundled pastWe got a square view of the mastAnd at the top, ten meters highWas a sight that made the village cryAnd American flag of such massive girthIt seemed to take up half the earthNow maybe it had to do with the dictatorshipBut the Greeks among us began to flipWe were women and men of various stationsAn international delegationAnd all of us there on the sandKnew this situation couldn't standAs the yacht set down its anchorAnd sat there like some oil tankerWell we drank and talked and talked and drankThe sun went down and then it sankBy midnight we'd reached a solutionHow to deal with this air pollutionWe thought we'd swim out and we'd checkIf there was a staircase to the deckSo we stripped down and swam out thereAnd sure enough there were the stairsThen a Libyan student named OsamaTook the lead roll in the dramaHe climbed the stairs and then the flagpoleIt was a sight to feed a weary soulHanging naked with us beneathHe bit the flag off with his teethAnd flag in hand he jumped downAnd we dragged the flag back into townA small victory one may noteJust a flag upon a boastRevolution it was notBut one more rich prat in his yachtMight think twice before he sets sailWith a flag the size of a fucking whaleAnd our reward for this little caper?A year's supply of toilet paper!

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